Ubee DDM3521 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

The Ubee DDM3521 cable modem is a step up from the DDM3513, having 8x4 bonded channels and still being CableLabs certified with one Ethernet port, supporting IPV6 and IPv4. However, check with your service provider, as this device isn’t always compatible with Comcast, as it’s normally only used as a rental unit. However, this is a very cost-effective solution for rental replacement.

 343 mbps

Ubee Ambit DDM3521 Specs

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Ubee Ambit DDM3521 Approved Cable Companies

MediacomSuddenlinkRCNWave Broadband

This modem has no WiFi

This modem doesn't have built in wifi so you will need a wifi router to connect wirelessly to the internet.

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