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CompatibleModems.com is dedicated to saving you money on your monthly cable bill.

Cable companies and ISPs usually charge a monthly fee to use their equipment. You can save up to $10 per month when you decide to purchase your own modem/router. Your investment is paid off within the first year and you save hundreds of dollars a year there after!

We spent hundreds of hours researching the top cable companies, their plans, compatible modems and routers and brought it all together into a simple to use website. We want to make sure that whatever you purchase is designed not only for your specific internet provider, but also your internet plan.

With a few clicks, you will see your best approved modems with links to shop on Amazon or Ebay - two of the largest and most trusted ecommerce stores. From there, you purchase, replace and return your current modem and watch your bill get slashed!

We are also always on the look out for other ways to save on your monthly cable and internet bills - so be sure to follow us on social media and join our newsletter for more tips.


CompatibleModems.com doesn't charge anything for using its services - everything is free!

That being said, we get a small commission from every purchase made on Amazon and Ebay that help to cover our website costs and man hours going into updating all data to make sure its accurate. If we helped you save money on your cable bill, consider sharing this site with your friends to help us grow!

Happy Savings!

CompatibleModems Team

This modem has no WiFi

This modem doesn't have built in wifi so you will need a wifi router to connect wirelessly to the internet.

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