Ubee DDM3513 Data Cable Modem

The Ubee DDM3513 data cable modem is most typically used as a rental unit by Comcast XFINITY, but the modem is also approved for most cable service providers. This modem has IPv4 and IPv6 support that enables increased address capacity and improved security, and is one of the slower models providing 4x4 bonded channels. This is cost-effective for rental replacement for basic service plans.

 171 mbps

Ubee Ambit DDM3513 Specs

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Ubee Ambit DDM3513 Approved Cable Companies

WOW!MediacomSuddenlinkRCNWave Broadband

This modem has no WiFi

This modem doesn't have built in wifi so you will need a wifi router to connect wirelessly to the internet.

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