Stop Renting Cable Modem Equipment From Your Cable Company!

Don’t let cable companies get away with all the hidden fees associated with internet service!

If you are getting wifi at home through any large cable company, there is a chance you can save even more money every month!

These cable companies provide internet service using primary equipment devices (the cable modem & wifi router) and tiers of maximum internet speed available.

Usually when you first sign up, the technician installs the devices and provides you with the Wifi network name & password. That signals the beginning of rental fees on your monthly bill.

Hoping you never consider purchasing equipment, the cable companies quickly begin pocketing profits from all those rental fees.

Everyone can save money by purchasing both devices instead of paying the monthly rental fees.

Don’t let cable companies endlessly charge you for renting equipment by finding the approved cable modem and wifi router using the compatible modems website. Here you will be able to find our top picks for cable modems and wifi routers for each internet provider & your specific internet plan.

This will ensure you can reach maximum speeds while reducing the monthly cable bill & saving more money!

If you have been renting a cable modem & router you will be rightfully upset when calculating how much money you could have saved by purchasing a cable modem & router.

The reason many people do not usually purchase the cable modem & router has to do with the difficulty of finding compatible equipment. With you can easily search depending on your internet service provider (Verizon, Spectrum, Xfinity, Time Warner, Mediacom, CableOne, Optimum, Cox, Wow, RCN, or Suddenlink) and your specific internet plan.

You can rest assured the compatible modem recommendations are going to not only work for your home but also help you gain the maximum potential speed you are paying for. After spending countless hours of research on finding compatible modems & routers we have compiled the information along with easy access to preferred purchasing sites. Y

You can stop the cable companies from exploiting your generosity. No longer will you be renting a cable modem & router that may or may not be the best for your internet service plan anyway!

When considering possible methods to consistently save money, reducing monthly recurring bills must be a top priority. I’m sure there are ways to cut expenses by reducing comfort expenses like eating at a fancy restaurant or going to the movies but who wants to cut that out?!

By focusing on your cable bill first you can easily reduce the bill by taking advantage of available promotions, simply asking for price reductions, & most importantly stop renting the cable modem & router!

Find the recommended cable modem and router so you too can begin saving money. Additionally, the recommended cable modems and routers are sure to maximize your internet service plan ensuring the best performance for your home.

This modem has no WiFi

This modem doesn't have built in wifi so you will need a wifi router to connect wirelessly to the internet.

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